Take a quick tour of the software's most used screens and features.

2179923 orig The PartBox

The partbox is used to analyse your .STL files before you create a Quote for a client. You may play with the different options for Material, Process, Wall Thickness & Finishing until you are satisfied with the result and ready to present your client with a processional Quote.

2952302 orig The Quote

It is your first interaction with your client. You may customize some more of the information as well as the quantities, rebates, premiums & delivery options.

7470850 orig The Platform Assembly

Your platform assembly screen will let you put together a platform that will contain parts with similar properties and process. They can then be built together in the Production Manager

3138098 orig The Production Manager

The production manager is the core of 3D Printing ERP. This is where you will launch jobs, access scheduling, perform maintenance & load materials.
Several options are available such as:

  • Part Certification
  • Platform file bundle download as .ZIP
  • List of all the Serials for a platform in .CSV compatible with DYMO Label Printer
  • Platform Report for Production

1782212 orig The Part Certification Report

This report contains all of the genetic of the built parts. From material serial numbers to printer maintenance and settings.